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Oceanos does not just sell equipment.  We take a complex and detailed approach to every project, because every project is clearly unique.

We offer an unlimited range of support to every Client, to best suit the Client’s needs. We are able to train Client’s personnel, provide technical support with our engineers (both on-site and remote), rent or lease any equipment or simply provide our own group of highly professional underwater specialists.

Oil & Gas

Russia is an Oil and Gas colossus of the modern world. With its huge reservoirs inshore and offshore and a potential which seems practically unlimited (but creates a lot of technological challenges), Russian Oil and Gas markets are filled with opportunities.

Oceanos works in close cooperation with Russian oil companies like Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil and their subsidiaries. We are working as a work power provider, equipment supplier, consulting agency and support company. We have knowledge of the Russian market, Russian technology, legal documentation and both Russian and Foreign operational procedures, which makes us a valuable asset for any Western company who want to progress in the Russian offshore market.

Oceanos is an IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) member for Diving and ROV operation, which shows our commitment to the highest standards of personnel safety and job effectiveness.


General Intervention

Oceanos started as a supplier for commercial diving companies and we still provide full support to our Clients. We design, manufacture and supply everything necessary for use by a commercial diving company– from surface-supplied diving helmets to containerized diving systems, hyperbaric chambers and training facilities. We have helped tens of companies to build their diving departments from ideas to powerful teams, fully equipped and able to solve practically any task. Complex vision and a custom approach are our keys to success in this closed, competitive but receptive market.